Here is the meaning of the word, PARCEL

Parcel ( a. & adv. ) - Part or half; in part; partially. Shak. [Sometimes hyphened with the word following.]
Parcel ( n. ) - A number or quantity of things put up together; a bundle; a package; a packet.
Parcel ( n. ) - A part; a portion; a piece; as, a certain piece of land is part and parcel of another piece.
Parcel ( n. ) - A portion of anything taken separately; a fragment of a whole; a part.
Parcel ( n. ) - An indiscriminate or indefinite number, measure, or quantity; a collection; a group.
Parcel ( v. t. ) - To add a parcel or item to; to itemize.
Parcel ( v. t. ) - To divide and distribute by parts or portions; -- often with out or into.
Parcel ( v. t. ) - To make up into a parcel; as, to parcel a customer's purchases; the machine parcels yarn, wool, etc.