Here is the meaning of the word, PLAT

Plat ( adv. ) - Flatly; smoothly; evenly.
Plat ( adv. ) - Plainly; flatly; downright.
Plat ( n. ) - A plot; a plan; a design; a diagram; a map; a chart.
Plat ( n. ) - A small piece or plot of ground laid out with some design, or for a special use; usually, a portion of flat, even ground.
Plat ( n. ) - Plain; flat; level.
Plat ( n. ) - The flat or broad side of a sword.
Plat ( n. ) - Work done by platting or braiding; a plait.
Plat ( v. t. ) - To form by interlaying interweaving; to braid; to plait.
Plat ( v. t. ) - To lay out in plats or plots, as ground.