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What Can The Letters RICHE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters RICHE when you unscramble them.

  • cire (unknown)
    Sorry. I don't have the meaning of this word.
  • Heir (n.)
    One who inherits, or is entitled to succeed to the possession of, any property after the death of its owner; one on whom the law bestows the title or property of another at the death of the latter.
  • Heir (n.)
    One who receives any endowment from an ancestor or relation; as, the heir of one's reputation or virtues.
  • Heir (v. t.)
    To inherit; to succeed to.
  • Hire (n.)
    A bailment by which the use of a thing, or the services and labor of a person, are contracted for at a certain price or reward.
  • Hire (n.)
    The price, reward, or compensation paid, or contracted to be paid, for the temporary use of a thing or a place, for personal service, or for labor; wages; rent; pay.
  • Hire (n.)
    To engage or purchase the service, labor, or interest of (any one) for a specific purpose, by payment of wages; as, to hire a servant, an agent, or an advocate.
  • Hire (n.)
    To grant the temporary use of, for compensation; to engage to give the service of, for a price; to let; to lease; -- now usually with out, and often reflexively; as, he has hired out his horse, or his time.
  • Hire (n.)
    To procure (any chattel or estate) from another person, for temporary use, for a compensation or equivalent; to purchase the use or enjoyment of for a limited time; as, to hire a farm for a year; to hire money.
  • Hire (pron.)
    See Here, pron.
  • Rice (n.)
    A well-known cereal grass (Oryza sativa) and its seed. This plant is extensively cultivated in warm climates, and the grain forms a large portion of the food of the inhabitants. In America it grows chiefly on low, moist land, which can be overflowed.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Abounding in agreeable or nutritive qualities; -- especially applied to articles of food or drink which are high-seasoned or abound in oleaginous ingredients, or are sweet, luscious, and high-flavored; as, a rich dish; rich cream or soup; rich pastry; rich wine or fruit.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Abounding in beauty; gorgeous; as, a rich landscape; rich scenery.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Abounding in humor; exciting amusement; entertaining; as, the scene was a rich one; a rich incident or character.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Composed of valuable or costly materials or ingredients; procured at great outlay; highly valued; precious; sumptuous; costly; as, a rich dress; rich silk or fur; rich presents.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Full of sweet and harmonius sounds; as, a rich voice; rich music.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Having an abundance of material possessions; possessed of a large amount of property; well supplied with land, goods, or money; wealthy; opulent; affluent; -- opposed to poor.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Hence, in general, well supplied; abounding; abundant; copious; bountiful; as, a rich treasury; a rich entertainment; a rich crop.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Not faint or delicate; vivid; as, a rich color.
  • Rich (superl.)
    Yielding large returns; productive or fertile; fruitful; as, rich soil or land; a rich mine.
  • Rich (v. t.)
    To enrich.
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