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What Can The Letters BID Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters BID when you unscramble them.

  • Bid ()
    imp. & p. p. of Bid.
  • Bid ()
    of Bid
  • Bid (n.)
    An offer of a price, especially at auctions; a statement of a sum which one will give for something to be received, or will take for something to be done or furnished; that which is offered.
  • Bid (v. t.)
    To invite; to call in; to request to come.
  • Bid (v. t.)
    To make a bid; to state what one will pay or take.
  • Bid (v. t.)
    To make an offer of; to propose. Specifically : To offer to pay ( a certain price, as for a thing put up at auction), or to take (a certain price, as for work to be done under a contract).
  • Bid (v. t.)
    To offer in words; to declare, as a wish, a greeting, a threat, or defiance, etc.; as, to bid one welcome; to bid good morning, farewell, etc.
  • Bid (v. t.)
    To order; to direct; to enjoin; to command.
  • Bid (v. t.)
    To pray.
  • Bid (v. t.)
    To proclaim; to declare publicly; to make known.
  • Dib (n.)
    A child's game, played with dib bones.
  • Dib (n.)
    One of the small bones in the knee joints of sheep uniting the bones above and below the joints.
  • Dib (v. i.)
    To dip.

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