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What Can The Letters INTOXIC Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters INTOXIC when you unscramble them.

  • Ionic (a.)
    Of or pertaining to an ion; composed of ions.
  • Ionic (a.)
    Of or pertaining to Ionia or the Ionians.
  • Ionic (a.)
    Pertaining to the Ionic order of architecture, one of the three orders invented by the Greeks, and one of the five recognized by the Italian writers of the sixteenth century. Its distinguishing feature is a capital with spiral volutes. See Illust. of Capital.
  • Ionic (n.)
    A foot consisting of four syllables: either two long and two short, -- that is, a spondee and a pyrrhic, in which case it is called the greater Ionic; or two short and two long, -- that is, a pyrrhic and a spondee, in which case it is called the smaller Ionic.
  • Ionic (n.)
    A verse or meter composed or consisting of Ionic feet.
  • Ionic (n.)
    Ionic type.
  • Ionic (n.)
    The Ionic dialect; as, the Homeric Ionic.
  • ontic (unknown)
    Sorry. I don't have the meaning of this word.
  • Tonic (a.)
    Increasing strength, or the tone of the animal system; obviating the effects of debility, and restoring healthy functions.
  • Tonic (a.)
    Of or pertaining to tension; increasing tension; hence, increasing strength; as, tonic power.
  • Tonic (a.)
    Of or relating to tones or sounds; specifically (Phon.), applied to, or distingshing, a speech sound made with tone unmixed and undimmed by obstruction, such sounds, namely, the vowels and diphthongs, being so called by Dr. James Rush (1833) \" from their forming the purest and most plastic material of intonation.\"
  • Tonic (n.)
    A medicine that increases the strength, and gives vigor of action to the system.
  • Tonic (n.)
    A tonic element or letter; a vowel or a diphthong.
  • Tonic (n.)
    The key tone, or first tone of any scale.
  • Toxic (a.)
    Alt. of Toxical
  • Toxin (n.)
    Alt. of Toxine

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