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What Can The Letters ADELOPOD Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters ADELOPOD when you unscramble them.

  • Doodle (n.)
    A trifler; a simple fellow.
  • Loaded (imp. & p. p.)
    of Load
  • Looped (a.)
    Bent, folded, or tied, so as to make a loop; as, a looped wire or string.
  • Looped (a.)
    Full of holes.
  • Looped (imp. & p. p.)
    of Loop
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    A paddle-shaped foot, as of the sea turtle.
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    A paddle-shaped implement for string or mixing.
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    A small gate in sluices or lock gates to admit or let off water; -- also called clough.
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    An implement with a broad blade, which is used without a fixed fulcrum in propelling and steering canoes and boats.
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    One of the broad boards, or floats, at the circumference of a water wheel, or paddle wheel.
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    See Paddle staff (b), below.
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    The broad part of a paddle, with which the stroke is made; hence, any short, broad blade, resembling that of a paddle.
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    To dabble in water with hands or feet; to use a paddle, or something which serves as a paddle, in swimming, in paddling a boat, etc.
  • Paddle (v. i.)
    To use the hands or fingers in toying; to make caressing strokes.
  • Paddle (v. t.)
    To pad; to tread upon; to trample.
  • Paddle (v. t.)
    To pat or stroke amorously, or gently.
  • Paddle (v. t.)
    To propel with, or as with, a paddle or paddles.
  • pedalo (unknown)
    Sorry. I don't have the meaning of this word.
  • Poodle (n.)
    A breed of dogs having curly hair, and often showing remarkable intelligence in the performance of tricks.
  • Pooled (imp. & p. p.)
    of Pool

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