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What Can The Letters CASE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters CASE when you unscramble them.

  • Aces (pl. )
    of Ace
  • Case (n.)
    A box and its contents; the quantity contained in a box; as, a case of goods; a case of instruments.
  • Case (n.)
    A box, sheath, or covering; as, a case for holding goods; a case for spectacles; the case of a watch; the case (capsule) of a cartridge; a case (cover) for a book.
  • Case (n.)
    A patient under treatment; an instance of sickness or injury; as, ten cases of fever; also, the history of a disease or injury.
  • Case (n.)
    A shallow tray divided into compartments or \"boxes\" for holding type.
  • Case (n.)
    A small fissure which admits water to the workings.
  • Case (n.)
    An inclosing frame; a casing; as, a door case; a window case.
  • Case (n.)
    Chance; accident; hap; opportunity.
  • Case (n.)
    One of the forms, or the inflections or changes of form, of a noun, pronoun, or adjective, which indicate its relation to other words, and in the aggregate constitute its declension; the relation which a noun or pronoun sustains to some other word.
  • Case (n.)
    That which befalls, comes, or happens; an event; an instance; a circumstance, or all the circumstances; condition; state of things; affair; as, a strange case; a case of injustice; the case of the Indian tribes.
  • Case (n.)
    The matters of fact or conditions involved in a suit, as distinguished from the questions of law; a suit or action at law; a cause.
  • Case (v. i.)
    To propose hypothetical cases.
  • Case (v. t.)
    To cover or protect with, or as with, a case; to inclose.
  • Case (v. t.)
    To strip the skin from; as, to case a box.

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