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What Can The Letters CREST Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters CREST when you unscramble them.

  • Crest (n.)
    A bearing worn, not upon the shield, but usually above it, or separately as an ornament for plate, liveries, and the like. It is a relic of the ancient cognizance. See Cognizance, 4.
  • Crest (n.)
    A tuft, or other excrescence or natural ornament, growing on an animal's head; the comb of a cock; the swelling on the head of a serpent; the lengthened feathers of the crown or nape of bird, etc.
  • Crest (n.)
    The helm or head, as typical of a high spirit; pride; courage.
  • Crest (n.)
    The ornamental finishing which surmounts the ridge of a roof, canopy, etc.
  • Crest (n.)
    The plume of feathers, or other decoration, worn on a helmet; the distinctive ornament of a helmet, indicating the rank of the wearer; hence, also, the helmet.
  • Crest (n.)
    The ridge or top of a wave.
  • Crest (n.)
    The summit of a hill or mountain ridge.
  • Crest (n.)
    The top line of a slope or embankment.
  • Crest (n.)
    The upper curve of a horse's neck.
  • Crest (v. i.)
    To form a crest.
  • Crest (v. t.)
    To furnish with, or surmount as, a crest; to serve as a crest for.
  • Crest (v. t.)
    To mark with lines or streaks, like, or regarded as like, waving plumes.

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