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Our word finder found 4 words from the 3 scrambled letters in A D W you searched for.

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What Can The Letters DAW Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters DAW when you unscramble them.

  • Daw (n.)
    A European bird of the Crow family (Corvus monedula), often nesting in church towers and ruins; a jackdaw.
  • Daw (v. i.)
    To dawn.
  • Daw (v. t.)
    To daunt; to terrify.
  • Daw (v. t.)
    To rouse.
  • Wad (n.)
    A little mass, tuft, or bundle, as of hay or tow.
  • Wad (n.)
    A soft mass, especially of some loose, fibrous substance, used for various purposes, as for stopping an aperture, padding a garment, etc.
  • Wad (n.)
    Alt. of Wadd
  • Wad (n.)
    Specifically: A little mass of some soft or flexible material, such as hay, straw, tow, paper, or old rope yarn, used for retaining a charge of powder in a gun, or for keeping the powder and shot close; also, to diminish or avoid the effects of windage. Also, by extension, a dusk of felt, pasteboard, etc., serving a similar purpose.
  • Wad (n.)
  • Wad (v. t.)
    To form into a mass, or wad, or into wadding; as, to wad tow or cotton.
  • Wad (v. t.)
    To insert or crowd a wad into; as, to wad a gun; also, to stuff or line with some soft substance, or wadding, like cotton; as, to wad a cloak.

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