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What Can The Letters ELAN Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters ELAN when you unscramble them.

  • Elan (b.)
    Ardor inspired by passion or enthusiasm.
  • Lane (a.)
  • Lane (n.)
    A passageway between fences or hedges which is not traveled as a highroad; an alley between buildings; a narrow way among trees, rocks, and other natural obstructions; hence, in a general sense, a narrow passageway; as, a lane between lines of men, or through a field of ice.
  • Lean (n.)
    That part of flesh which consist principally of muscle without the fat.
  • Lean (n.)
    Unremunerative copy or work.
  • Lean (v. i.)
    Of a character which prevents the compositor from earning the usual wages; -- opposed to fat; as, lean copy, matter, or type.
  • Lean (v. i.)
    To cause to lean; to incline; to support or rest.
  • Lean (v. i.)
    To incline in opinion or desire; to conform in conduct; -- with to, toward, etc.
  • Lean (v. i.)
    To incline, deviate, or bend, from a vertical position; to be in a position thus inclining or deviating; as, she leaned out at the window; a leaning column.
  • Lean (v. i.)
    To rest or rely, for support, comfort, and the like; -- with on, upon, or against.
  • Lean (v. i.)
    Wanting flesh; destitute of or deficient in fat; not plump; meager; thin; lank; as, a lean body; a lean cattle.
  • Lean (v. i.)
    Wanting fullness, richness, sufficiency, or productiveness; deficient in quality or contents; slender; scant; barren; bare; mean; -- used literally and figuratively; as, the lean harvest; a lean purse; a lean discourse; lean wages.
  • Lean (v. t.)
    To conceal.

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