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Our word finder found 13 words from the 4 scrambled letters in A E H L you searched for.

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What Can The Letters HEAL Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters HEAL when you unscramble them.

  • Hale (a.)
    Sound; entire; healthy; robust; not impaired; as, a hale body.
  • Hale (n.)
  • Hale (v. t.)
    To pull; to drag; to haul.
  • Heal (v. i.)
    To grow sound; to return to a sound state; as, the limb heals, or the wound heals; -- sometimes with up or over; as, it will heal up, or over.
  • Heal (v. t.)
  • Heal (v. t.)
    To cover, as a roof, with tiles, slate, lead, or the like.
  • Heal (v. t.)
    To make hale, sound, or whole; to cure of a disease, wound, or other derangement; to restore to soundness or health.
  • Heal (v. t.)
    To reconcile, as a breach or difference; to make whole; to free from guilt; as, to heal dissensions.
  • Heal (v. t.)
    To remove or subdue; to cause to pass away; to cure; -- said of a disease or a wound.
  • Heal (v. t.)
    To restore to original purity or integrity.

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