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What Can The Letters ICE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters ICE when you unscramble them.

  • Ice (n.)
    Any substance having the appearance of ice; as, camphor ice.
  • Ice (n.)
    Concreted sugar.
  • Ice (n.)
    Water or other fluid frozen or reduced to the solid state by cold; frozen water. It is a white or transparent colorless substance, crystalline, brittle, and viscoidal. Its specific gravity (0.92, that of water at 4¡ C. being 1.0) being less than that of water, ice floats.
  • Ice (n.)
    Water, cream, custard, etc., sweetened, flavored, and artificially frozen.
  • Ice (v. t.)
    To chill or cool, as with ice; to freeze.
  • Ice (v. t.)
    To cover with ice; to convert into ice, or into something resembling ice.
  • Ice (v. t.)
    To cover with icing, or frosting made of sugar and milk or white of egg; to frost, as cakes, tarts, etc.

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