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Our word unscrambler discovered 49 words from the 6 scrambled letters (E F G I N R) you search for!

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What Can The Letters INRFGE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters INRFGE when you unscramble them.

  • Finger (n.)
    Anything that does work of a finger; as, the pointer of a clock, watch, or other registering machine; especially (Mech.) a small projecting rod, wire, or piece, which is brought into contact with an object to effect, direct, or restrain a motion.
  • Finger (n.)
    One of the five terminating members of the hand; a digit; esp., one of the four extermities of the hand, other than the thumb.
  • Finger (n.)
    Skill in the use of the fingers, as in playing upon a musical instrument.
  • Finger (n.)
    The breadth of a finger, or the fourth part of the hand; a measure of nearly an inch; also, the length of finger, a measure in domestic use in the United States, of about four and a half inches or one eighth of a yard.
  • Finger (v. i.)
    To use the fingers in playing on an instrument.
  • Finger (v. t.)
    To execute, as any delicate work.
  • Finger (v. t.)
    To mark the notes of (a piece of music) so as to guide the fingers in playing.
  • Finger (v. t.)
    To perform on an instrument of music.
  • Finger (v. t.)
    To take thievishly; to pilfer; to purloin.
  • Finger (v. t.)
    To touch lightly; to toy with.
  • Finger (v. t.)
    To touch with the fingers; to handle; to meddle with.
  • Fringe (n.)
    An ornamental appendage to the border of a piece of stuff, originally consisting of the ends of the warp, projecting beyond the woven fabric; but more commonly made separate and sewed on, consisting sometimes of projecting ends, twisted or plaited together, and sometimes of loose threads of wool, silk, or linen, or narrow strips of leather, or the like.
  • Fringe (n.)
    One of a number of light or dark bands, produced by the interference of light; a diffraction band; -- called also interference fringe.
  • Fringe (n.)
    Something resembling in any respect a fringe; a line of objects along a border or edge; a border; an edging; a margin; a confine.
  • Fringe (n.)
    The peristome or fringelike appendage of the capsules of most mosses. See Peristome.
  • Fringe (v. t.)
    To adorn the edge of with a fringe or as with a fringe.

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