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What Can The Letters LOOF Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters LOOF when you unscramble them.

  • Fool (n.)
    A compound of gooseberries scalded and crushed, with cream; -- commonly called gooseberry fool.
  • Fool (n.)
    A person deficient in intellect; one who acts absurdly, or pursues a course contrary to the dictates of wisdom; one without judgment; a simpleton; a dolt.
  • Fool (n.)
    One destitute of reason, or of the common powers of understanding; an idiot; a natural.
  • Fool (n.)
    One who acts contrary to moral and religious wisdom; a wicked person.
  • Fool (n.)
    One who counterfeits folly; a professional jester or buffoon; a retainer formerly kept to make sport, dressed fantastically in motley, with ridiculous accouterments.
  • Fool (v. i.)
    To play the fool; to trifle; to toy; to spend time in idle sport or mirth.
  • Fool (v. t.)
    To infatuate; to make foolish.
  • Fool (v. t.)
    To use as a fool; to deceive in a shameful or mortifying manner; to impose upon; to cheat by inspiring foolish confidence; as, to fool one out of his money.
  • Loof (n.)
    Formerly, some appurtenance of a vessel which was used in changing her course; -- probably a large paddle put over the lee bow to help bring her head nearer to the wind.
  • Loof (n.)
    The part of a ship's side where the planking begins to curve toward bow and stern.
  • Loof (n.)
    The spongelike fibers of the fruit of a cucurbitaceous plant (Luffa Aegyptiaca); called also vegetable sponge.
  • Loof (v. i.)
    See Luff.

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