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What Can The Letters NECK Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters NECK when you unscramble them.

  • Neck (n.)
    A long narrow tract of land projecting from the main body, or a narrow tract connecting two larger tracts.
  • Neck (n.)
    A reduction in size near the end of an object, formed by a groove around it; as, a neck forming the journal of a shaft.
  • Neck (n.)
    Any part of an inanimate object corresponding to or resembling the neck of an animal
  • Neck (n.)
    That part of a violin, guitar, or similar instrument, which extends from the head to the body, and on which is the finger board or fret board.
  • Neck (n.)
    The long slender part of a vessel, as a retort, or of a fruit, as a gourd.
  • Neck (n.)
    The part of an animal which connects the head and the trunk, and which, in man and many other animals, is more slender than the trunk.
  • Neck (n.)
    the point where the base of the stem of a plant arises from the root.
  • Neck (v. t.)
    To reduce the diameter of (an object) near its end, by making a groove around it; -- used with down; as, to neck down a shaft.
  • Neck (v. t. & i.)
    To kiss and caress amorously.

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