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What Can The Letters PORT Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters PORT when you unscramble them.

  • Port (n.)
    A dark red or purple astringent wine made in Portugal. It contains a large percentage of alcohol.
  • Port (n.)
    A passageway in a machine, through which a fluid, as steam, water, etc., may pass, as from a valve to the interior of the cylinder of a steam engine; an opening in a valve seat, or valve face.
  • Port (n.)
    A passageway; an opening or entrance to an inclosed place; a gate; a door; a portal.
  • Port (n.)
    An opening in the side of a vessel; an embrasure through which cannon may be discharged; a porthole; also, the shutters which close such an opening.
  • Port (n.)
    The larboard or left side of a ship (looking from the stern toward the bow); as, a vessel heels to port. See Note under Larboard. Also used adjectively.
  • Port (n.)
    The manner in which a person bears himself; deportment; carriage; bearing; demeanor; hence, manner or style of living; as, a proud port.
  • Port (v.)
    A place where ships may ride secure from storms; a sheltered inlet, bay, or cove; a harbor; a haven. Used also figuratively.
  • Port (v.)
    In law and commercial usage, a harbor where vessels are admitted to discharge and receive cargoes, from whence they depart and where they finish their voyages.
  • Port (v. t.)
    To carry; to bear; to transport.
  • Port (v. t.)
    To throw, as a musket, diagonally across the body, with the lock in front, the right hand grasping the small of the stock, and the barrel sloping upward and crossing the point of the left shoulder; as, to port arms.
  • Port (v. t.)
    To turn or put to the left or larboard side of a ship; -- said of the helm, and used chiefly in the imperative, as a command; as, port your helm.
  • trop (unknown)
    Sorry. I don't have the meaning of this word.

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