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What Can The Letters REVIVABLY Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters REVIVABLY when you unscramble them.

  • bilayer (unknown)
    Sorry. I don't have the meaning of this word.
  • Bivalve (a.)
    Having two shells or valves which open and shut, as the oyster and certain seed vessels.
  • Bivalve (n.)
    A mollusk having a shell consisting of two lateral plates or valves joined together by an elastic ligament at the hinge, which is usually strengthened by prominences called teeth. The shell is closed by the contraction of two transverse muscles attached to the inner surface, as in the clam, -- or by one, as in the oyster. See Mollusca.
  • Bivalve (n.)
    A pericarp in which the seed case opens or splits into two parts or valves.
  • Bravely (adv.)
    Finely; gaudily; gayly; showily.
  • Bravely (adv.)
    In a brave manner; courageously; gallantly; valiantly; splendidly; nobly.
  • Bravely (adv.)
    Well; thrivingly; prosperously.
  • Revival (n.)
    Reanimation from a state of langour or depression; -- applied to the health, spirits, and the like.
  • Revival (n.)
    Renewed attention to something, as to letters or literature.
  • Revival (n.)
    Renewed interest in religion, after indifference and decline; a period of religious awakening; special religious interest.
  • Revival (n.)
    Renewed performance of, or interest in, something, as the drama and literature.
  • Revival (n.)
    Renewed prevalence of something, as a practice or a fashion.
  • Revival (n.)
    Renewed pursuit, or cultivation, or flourishing state of something, as of commerce, arts, agriculture.
  • Revival (n.)
    Restoration of force, validity, or effect; renewal; as, the revival of a debt barred by limitation; the revival of a revoked will, etc.
  • Revival (n.)
    Revivification, as of a metal. See Revivification, 2.
  • Revival (n.)
    The act of reviving, or the state of being revived.
  • Virelay (n.)
    An ancient French song, or short poem, wholly in two rhymes, and composed in short lines, with a refrain.

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