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More About The Unscrambled Letters STUOH

Our word unscrambler discovered 33 words from the 5 scrambled letters (H O S T U) you search for!

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What Can The Letters STUOH Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters STUOH when you unscramble them.

  • Shout (n.)
    A loud burst of voice or voices; a vehement and sudden outcry, especially of a multitudes expressing joy, triumph, exultation, or animated courage.
  • Shout (v. i.)
    To utter a sudden and loud outcry, as in joy, triumph, or exultation, or to attract attention, to animate soldiers, etc.
  • Shout (v. t.)
    To treat with shouts or clamor.
  • Shout (v. t.)
    To utter with a shout; to cry; -- sometimes with out; as, to shout, or to shout out, a man's name.
  • South (a.)
    Lying toward the south; situated at the south, or in a southern direction from the point of observation or reckoning; proceeding toward the south, or coming from the south; blowing from the south; southern; as, the south pole.
  • South (adv.)
    From the south; as, the wind blows south.
  • South (adv.)
    Toward the south; southward.
  • South (n.)
    A country, region, or place situated farther to the south than another; the southern section of a country.
  • South (n.)
    Specifically: That part of the United States which is south of Mason and Dixon's line. See under Line.
  • South (n.)
    That one of the four cardinal points directly opposite to the north; the region or direction to the right or direction to the right of a person who faces the east.
  • South (n.)
    The wind from the south.
  • South (v. i.)
    To come to the meridian; to cross the north and south line; -- said chiefly of the moon; as, the moon souths at nine.
  • South (v. i.)
    To turn or move toward the south; to veer toward the south.
  • thous (unknown)
    Sorry. I don't have the meaning of this word.
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