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What Can The Letters TERN Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters TERN when you unscramble them.

  • Rent ()
    imp. & p. p. of Rend.
  • Rent (imp. & p. p.)
    of Rend
  • Rent (n.)
    A certain periodical profit, whether in money, provisions, chattels, or labor, issuing out of lands and tenements in payment for the use; commonly, a certain pecuniary sum agreed upon between a tenant and his landlord, paid at fixed intervals by the lessee to the lessor, for the use of land or its appendages; as, rent for a farm, a house, a park, etc.
  • Rent (n.)
    An opening made by rending; a break or breach made by force; a tear.
  • Rent (n.)
    Figuratively, a schism; a rupture of harmony; a separation; as, a rent in the church.
  • Rent (n.)
    Income; revenue. See Catel.
  • Rent (n.)
    Pay; reward; share; toll.
  • Rent (n.)
    To grant the possession and enjoyment of, for a rent; to lease; as, the owwner of an estate or house rents it.
  • Rent (n.)
    To take and hold under an agreement to pay rent; as, the tennant rents an estate of the owner.
  • Rent (v. i.)
    To be leased, or let for rent; as, an estate rents for five hundred dollars a year.
  • Rent (v. i.)
    To rant.
  • Rent (v. t.)
    To tear. See Rend.
  • Tern (a.)
    That which consists of, or pertains to, three things or numbers together; especially, a prize in a lottery resulting from the favorable combination of three numbers in the drawing; also, the three numbers themselves.
  • Tern (a.)
    Threefold; triple; consisting of three; ternate.
  • Tern (n.)
    Any one of numerous species of long-winged aquatic birds, allied to the gulls, and belonging to Sterna and various allied genera.

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