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Our word finder found 8 words from the 4 scrambled letters in L M P U you searched for.

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What Can The Letters UMLP Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters UMLP when you unscramble them.

  • Lump (n.)
    A mass or aggregation of things.
  • Lump (n.)
    A projection beneath the breech end of a gun barrel.
  • Lump (n.)
    A small mass of matter of irregular shape; an irregular or shapeless mass; as, a lump of coal; a lump of iron ore.
  • Lump (v. i.)
    To get along with as one can, although displeased; as, if he does n't like it, he can lump it.
  • Lump (v. i.)
    To take in the gross; to speak of collectively.
  • Lump (v. i.)
    To throw into a mass; to unite in a body or sum without distinction of particulars.
  • Plum (n.)
    A grape dried in the sun; a raisin.
  • Plum (n.)
    A handsome fortune or property; formerly, in cant language, the sum of £100,000 sterling; also, the person possessing it.
  • Plum (n.)
    The edible drupaceous fruit of the Prunus domestica, and of several other species of Prunus; also, the tree itself, usually called plum tree.

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