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What Can The Letters VOID Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters VOID when you unscramble them.

  • Void (a.)
    Being without; destitute; free; wanting; devoid; as, void of learning, or of common use.
  • Void (a.)
    Containing no immaterial quality; destitute of mind or soul.
  • Void (a.)
    Containing nothing; empty; vacant; not occupied; not filled.
  • Void (a.)
    Having no incumbent; unoccupied; -- said of offices and the like.
  • Void (a.)
    Not producing any effect; ineffectual; vain.
  • Void (a.)
    Of no legal force or effect, incapable of confirmation or ratification; null. Cf. Voidable, 2.
  • Void (a.)
    To remove the contents of; to make or leave vacant or empty; to quit; to leave; as, to void a table.
  • Void (a.)
    To render void; to make to be of no validity or effect; to vacate; to annul; to nullify.
  • Void (a.)
    To throw or send out; to evacuate; to emit; to discharge; as, to void excrements.
  • Void (n.)
    An empty space; a vacuum.
  • Void (v. i.)
    To be emitted or evacuated.

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