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Our word finder found 4 words from the 3 scrambled letters in E T W you searched for.

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What Can The Letters WET Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters WET when you unscramble them.

  • Tew (n.)
    A rope or chain for towing a boat; also, a cord; a string.
  • Tew (v.)
    Hence, to beat; to scourge; also, to pull about; to maul; to tease; to vex.
  • Tew (v.)
    To prepare by beating or working, as leather or hemp; to taw.
  • Tew (v. i.)
    To work hard; to strive; to fuse.
  • Tew (v. t.)
    To tow along, as a vessel.
  • Wet (a.)
    A dram; a drink.
  • Wet (a.)
    Rainy weather; foggy or misty weather.
  • Wet (a.)
    Water or wetness; moisture or humidity in considerable degree.
  • Wet (imp. & p. p.)
    of Wet
  • Wet (superl.)
    Containing, or consisting of, water or other liquid; moist; soaked with a liquid; having water or other liquid upon the surface; as, wet land; a wet cloth; a wet table.
  • Wet (superl.)
    Employing, or done by means of, water or some other liquid; as, the wet extraction of copper, in distinction from dry extraction in which dry heat or fusion is employed.
  • Wet (superl.)
    Refreshed with liquor; drunk.
  • Wet (superl.)
    Very damp; rainy; as, wet weather; a wet season.
  • Wet (v. t.)
    To fill or moisten with water or other liquid; to sprinkle; to cause to have water or other fluid adherent to the surface; to dip or soak in a liquid; as, to wet a sponge; to wet the hands; to wet cloth.

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