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What Can The Letters YADE Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters YADE when you unscramble them.

  • Aye (a.)
    Alt. of Ay
  • Aye (adv.)
    Alt. of Ay
  • Aye (n.)
    An affirmative vote; one who votes in the affirmative; as, \"To call for the ayes and noes;\" \"The ayes have it.\"
  • Day (n.)
    (Preceded by the) Some day in particular, as some day of contest, some anniversary, etc.
  • Day (n.)
    A specified time or period; time, considered with reference to the existence or prominence of a person or thing; age; time.
  • Day (n.)
    The period of the earth's revolution on its axis. -- ordinarily divided into twenty-four hours. It is measured by the interval between two successive transits of a celestial body over the same meridian, and takes a specific name from that of the body. Thus, if this is the sun, the day (the interval between two successive transits of the sun's center over the same meridian) is called a solar day; if it is a star, a sidereal day; if it is the moon, a lunar day. See Civil day, Sidereal day, below.
  • Day (n.)
    The time of light, or interval between one night and the next; the time between sunrise and sunset, or from dawn to darkness; hence, the light; sunshine.
  • Day (n.)
    Those hours, or the daily recurring period, allotted by usage or law for work.
  • Dey (n.)
    A servant who has charge of the dairy; a dairymaid.
  • Dey (n.)
    The governor of Algiers; -- so called before the French conquest in 1830.
  • Dye (n.)
    Color produced by dyeing.
  • Dye (n.)
    Material used for dyeing; a dyestuff.
  • Dye (n.)
    Same as Die, a lot.
  • Dye (v. t.)
    To stain; to color; to give a new and permanent color to, as by the application of dyestuffs.
  • Yea (adv.)
    More than this; not only so, but; -- used to mark the addition of a more specific or more emphatic clause. Cf. Nay, adv., 2.
  • Yea (adv.)
    Yes; ay; a word expressing assent, or an affirmative, or an affirmative answer to a question, now superseded by yes. See Yes.
  • Yea (n.)
    An affirmative vote; one who votes in the affirmative; as, a vote by yeas and nays.

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