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What Can The Letters LANCET Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters LANCET when you unscramble them.

  • Cantle (n.)
    A corner or edge of anything; a piece; a fragment; a part.
  • Cantle (n.)
    The upwardly projecting rear part of saddle, opposite to the pommel.
  • Cantle (v. t.)
    To cut in pieces; to cut out from.
  • Cental (n.)
    A weight of one hundred pounds avoirdupois; -- called in many parts of the United States a Hundredweight.
  • Cental (n.)
    Relating to a hundred.
  • Lancet (n.)
    A surgical instrument of various forms, commonly sharp-pointed and two-edged, used in venesection, and in opening abscesses, etc.
  • Lancet (n.)
    An iron bar used for tapping a melting furnace.

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