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What Can The Letters PATROL Mean ?

These are the meanings of the letters PATROL when you unscramble them.

  • Patrol (v.)
    t To go the rounds of, as a sentry, guard, or policeman; as, to patrol a frontier; to patrol a beat.
  • Patrol (v. i.)
    A going of the rounds along the chain of sentinels and between the posts, by a guard, usually consisting of three or four men, to insure greater security from attacks on the outposts.
  • Patrol (v. i.)
    A movement, by a small body of troops beyond the line of outposts, to explore the country and gain intelligence of the enemy's whereabouts.
  • Patrol (v. i.)
    Any perambulation of a particular line or district to guard it; also, the men thus guarding; as, a customs patrol; a fire patrol.
  • Patrol (v. i.)
    The guard or men who go the rounds for observation; a detachment whose duty it is to patrol.
  • Patrol (v. i.)
    To go the rounds along a chain of sentinels; to traverse a police district or beat.
  • Portal (a.)
    Of or pertaining to a porta, especially the porta of the liver; as, the portal vein, which enters the liver at the porta, and divides into capillaries after the manner of an artery.
  • Portal (n.)
    A door or gate; hence, a way of entrance or exit, especially one that is grand and imposing.
  • Portal (n.)
    A prayer book or breviary; a portass.
  • Portal (n.)
    By analogy with the French portail, used by recent writers for the whole architectural composition which surrounds and includes the doorways and porches of a church.
  • Portal (n.)
    Formerly, a small square corner in a room separated from the rest of the apartment by wainscoting, forming a short passage to another apartment.
  • Portal (n.)
    The lesser gate, where there are two of different dimensions.
  • Portal (n.)
    The space, at one end, between opposite trusses when these are terminated by inclined braces.
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